Using our Heritage to Shape the Future


Suggestion: Soft play indoor area

An indoor area for rainy days would be great.  I think this is a good idea and needs looking into further. This could bring in a lot of people all year around as well as children’s parties too.

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Suggestion: GP clinic and a small chemist

GP clinic and a small chemist

The Gower could easily become a GP clinic and a small chemist. There are too many in Oakengates, one could relocate to St Georges there’s plenty of on-site parking and bus stop outside. This would mean a good community resource that benefits all.

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Suggestion: Create a Boule court

Create a Boule court suggestion

While the ground around the Gower building is being cleared and tidied, is it possible to set aside an area for playing Boule? Or Petanque as some people know it. I think there would be quite a lot of interest from old and young. It’s fun to […]

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Suggestion: Paper Aeroplane Challenge

St George’s Paper Aeroplane Challenge-2

A fun way of raising funds at a fair or similar. Paper is provided and folk are invited to make their own aeroplane. A prize is awarded to the one that flies the furthest. A donation from each entrant will make it open to all ages and raise funds for […]

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Suggestion: A vertical, public garden

A vertical garden can support the planned restaurant with seasonal fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. As a vertical garden is installed on walls or fences, it doesn’t take much space and allows even senior volunteers to participate in garden work without bending their backs.

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Suggestion: Gower Photo Contest

Many pictures have been taken that feature the Old School House over the years.  How about holding an open competition to find some of the best.  Maybe have categories such as traditional and digital.  Maybe not.

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Suggestion: Gower Carboot Sales

It has been suggested that we hold Carboot Events at the Gower. We will start looking at this during the start of 2017. We do have a slight problem with a lack of toilet facilities and the cost but this is being looked into.

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Suggestion: Camp Fire Feast

Let’s have a feast by the camp fire. What could be better on a cold wintry night than to spend an evening by the cosy camp fire side? People could bring along their own drinks and we could get a local “celebrity chef” to lead on the […]

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Suggestion: Super Sized Chess!

Chess sets have been created that not only celebrate the joy of playing the game, but explore the ways it can be played with full-body participation. Want to add a little physical activity and fresh air to your classic game of wits? Not to mention an attention-grabbing, […]

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