We REJECT the Council’s plan for The Gower. GHEF remains committed to re-establishing The Gower building as an asset to the community.

Gower Old School House Car Treasure Hunt

Gower Old School House Car Treasure HuntSome people may remember that back in the Youth Club days, we used to hold a car treasure hunt that ended at a pub where  we would have a bit of a social and make awards.

Just for fun, we thought we would revive this event. So, we’ve arranged that it will be held on Sunday 15th October 2017 at 2.30 pm.  It starts from The Gower, St Georges with an entry fee of £5.00 per car. This should cover the cost of a trophy and the necessary paperwork as this is more of a social event rather than a fund raiser.

Please note the hunt is not a race against the clock but a leisure event and vehicles must comply with the Highway Code and all relevant legislation.

If you are interested in entering, please contact us through this notice or ring 07985398600.  Bear in mind that we can only cater for a limited number of entries.

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