We REJECT the Council’s plan for The Gower. GHEF remains committed to re-establishing The Gower building as an asset to the community.

Gower Play Area – Call to Action

Gower Play Area – Call to Action

The play area at The Gower has taken many thousands of project hours to get to where it is and we would love to bring it into use by the community. There are, however, safety issues that concern us. We are asking you, people of St Georges, to join in and take action so that children can use the park more often.

Other parks are open to the public and maintained by the council. The Gower Play Park is private and part of a bigger development that is not up and running yet. Although we are trying to make the surrounding area as safe as possible, it is effectively a building site which is dangerously attractive to some children. Also, having the gates open without a responsible adult on hand risks unscrupulous people wandering in and causing damage.

We are issuing an open invitation for people to work together to help open the park as much as possible. Your positive contributions (suggestions and help) would be much appreciated. If people really want it to be used we’d be happy to help make this happen. By just having an adult around will make play safer for the kids. We have already had an offer from one person who kindly says she will monitor the play area over in the evenings, but it is essential that more people join in.

We will be officially opening the Park on 9th June at the Summer Extravaganza we are organising. We are also arranging informal sessions beforehand to enable parents, helpers and carers put your heads together to make the play area a real asset for the community.

There will be a session in the morning of Friday 11th May from 8:30 am at The Parish Centre, Grove St, St George’s, Telford TF2 9LJ

Come along and be part of providing something positive for the young people in our community. Tea, coffee and buns will be provided.

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