We REJECT the Council’s plan for The Gower. GHEF remains committed to re-establishing The Gower building as an asset to the community.

Hands up if you went to The Gower Telford

The Gower has a history that stretches back over 100 years. During that time it has been used as a school and a youth club.

Hands up everyone who went to the school or the youth club.

Did you find love at The Gower?

What were the popular records of the day?

Wet Wellie DiscoWe have an event coming up on 20th July with a fun day followed by a special disco in the evening.

The Wet Wellie Disco by Colin Barber is a revival of the ones he used to do at The Gower “back in the day” with prizes for the best male and female 60s, 70s or 80s outfit.

Colin would love to hear from people with a connection to The Gower especially if you ever went to his original Wet Wellie Disco.

Leave a comment below and let him know your favourite records from that time.

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