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Getting spring bulbs in at The Gower

Getting spring bulbs in at The GowerAs the leaves have just begun to fall, we are already wistfully dreaming of those first spring blooms. Autumn is actually the perfect time to get your spring bulbs in, because the soil is still warm and will allow them to develop their root system, which in turn allows them to flower in spring rather than summer.

Spring flowers popping up signals the rebirth of the garden and the start of a new growing season. Nothing lifts the spirits after a long, dark winter more than the sight of the first daffodils opening up.

So on Saturday (5th) we are intending to plant our first bulbs. Be at The Gower, shall we say 11 am. We have a selection already and perhaps you can split your overgrown plants from your own garden to plant in the new border as well as any bulbs.

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