We REJECT the Council’s plan for The Gower. GHEF remains committed to re-establishing The Gower building as an asset to the community.

Management Group Member

Help Needed

Can you help to take The Gower Telford project forward?  We would welcome people to sit on our Management Group who have useful skills and experience.  The Group acts under delegated powers from the Gower Heritage & Enterprise Foundation Trustees Board and meetings generally last for a couple of hours. Members may expect to work with others on specific tasks between meetings.  We believe sharing the work between more active members lightens the load and helps us reach our goals sooner.

We would require that you:

  • attend meetings of the Group (approximately 9 per year) plus AGM and Annual Conference.
  • may also be assigned a sub-group acting under one of the aims.
  • together with other Group members, collectively carry out tasks under delegated powers from the Trustees of the Charity.
  • contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation.


  • Group meetings are usually held at the ASDA Community Rooms on Thursdays from 7pm – 9pm.
  • The new Group will review the time of meetings.
  • The Gower Telford is an organisation committed to inclusiveness and as such is open to changing arrangements to best meet the needs of Group members.
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Management Group Member

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