We REJECT the Council’s plan for The Gower. GHEF remains committed to re-establishing The Gower building as an asset to the community.

OBJECT – PERSUADE – ATTEND: Take it to the street

Spreading the message with the Street Team

You’d be surprised how many local residents are unaware of the imminent threat to The Gower as a community asset. People who’d love to see a refurbished building back in use and who would be horrified to hear of the Council’s “cash before community” proposals. Awareness needs to be raised of the need to OBJECT to the proposals, PERSUADE other people and ATTEND the planning committee.

Persuade: Take it to the Streets

Help deliver leaflets to areas of St Georges

Help to get the message out by delivering leaflets.

Join us on a walk through St Georges

Join us on Saturday 9th October when we take a walk through St Georges, raising awareness along the way. We meet on the corner of Furnace Road and Holyhead Road

Call now!

Call Rob on 07985 398600 or email info@thegowertelford.org.uk

Saturday 9th October at 10:30 am meet on the corner of Furnace Road and Holyhead Road

Object to the planning applications

You may recall . . .

. . . that the building was originally built as a hospital by the Lilleshall Company who realised that a facility like this was needed for the wellbeing of its employees. However, things change and a smaller Cottage Hospital was built just a hundred yards away on Albion Street which provided local health care for some years. The Gower building was purchased from the Lilleshall Company to become a school known as Wrockwardine Wood Junior School. It provided education and learning to local children until it closed in 1961. The building continued to serve young people in St Georges and neighbouring districts when it was utilised as a Youth Centre and local venue, much loved throughout the community.

Join the Street Team

Contact Lynne on 07985 398600 to get active in securing the future of our iconic building.

What success looks like

On the grounds:

  • Children’s Play Park
  • Open green space
  • Allotment
  • Man Shed
  • Sensory Garden

Within the building:

  • Full operational community facility
  • Work from home space
  • Cafeteria
  • Rooms for hire
  • Wellbeing and Drop in services
    • Library
    • Health
  • Training opportunities
  • P/F Time employment


Write to them


WriteToThem is a website which provides an easy way to contact MPs, councillors and other elected representatives.

OBJECT – PERSUADE – ATTEND: Take it to the street October 3, 2021